As the former senior product designer for Onstream Media (OTC: ONSM) (1999-2016),  I was often the go to guy to help the top corporate executives visualize their dreams.  Whether conceptualizing, prototyping, creating demos, websites or building wire-frames and handing the keys off to software engineers, I gained quite a bit of experience and developed a knack for all things having to do with web graphics.

During my stint, I worked on projects related to digital asset management, webcasting and network solutions for the entertainment industry.  I collaborated with some of the top programmers to develop steaming media players for live webcasting as well as custom webcasting events for many Fortune 500 companies such as Intel, Walt Disney and Walmart ( earnings announcements and special events).   I also designed promotional material such as online media kits, email advertising campaigns and animations.

Before the Onstream/Visual Data merger, I developed web solutions for several corporate subsidiaries including Travelago, MedicalView, HotelView, TheFirstNews and EDNET.  I designed websites and user interfaces for web based software applications, and created co-branded web pages for Microsoft, Marriot, Carnival Cruise Lines and other companies. I worked with software engineers at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), the nation’s largest employee-owned research and engineering company to create a web-based media management system.

It was well known that my design skills and creative flare stemmed from my background as fine artist.   This gave me a welcome advantage when project objectives would often be summed up by a wink and, ‘make it pretty.’

My paintings have been exhibited at Art Palm Beach and other venues.  I was featured on WPBT (PBS) Channel 2’s Art Loft.  You can see my artwork on my main website: CarlosAleman.com

I’m also a writer.  My first novel, As Happy As Ling, was a finalist in the 2012 International Latino Book Awards.  In 2013, the release of Happy That It’s Not True was named one of the best novels of the year by the Latina Book Club.

I also love to design book covers.  My favorite was the design for the award winning Battle for a Soul by Manuel Melendez.

I live in Sunrise, Florida with my wife, Jean.